I was not sponsored or ever had a signed deal when I roamed around in search of an idea for Contemporary Fiction, but all I felt was deja vu.


Would you believe me if I say, I sacrificed 2 years to plan a movie in the USA? You might think I am a lunatic. But I decided to do that with a higher purpose, isolating myself from the rest of the world. I searched for the way how destiny changes us no matter how much we try to be perfect.

I worked in a 7/11 as a cashier for my expenses to pump gas into my 2003 Ford SUV. Searching for locations to shoot the movie, I roamed around California, studying facts to draft my idea into a Novel. I was sleeping in the car sometimes since I could not afford motels always.

I was not rich, not even bothered to be rich or successful. But I had a straight mindset and a great desire to complete the novel and shoot a movie. I wanted to feel it as I read it, and always want to feel it as I watch it.

And would you believe me if I say I spent another year drafting it, and six months on editing? I worked day and night, alone, nodding at my PC. I slept on the chair without nobody to ask if I was doing fine enough.

It cost me more than three and a half years to work on my idea. And for me, it is worth more than shekels, I believe.

As I completed the final edit of my novel, I took a break from drafting a different novel. Though after a month, I returned to the final edit and read it, and I felt it. The story … those characters I built are alive. Though I decided to approach literary agents and publishers to get it to the market. So, people also can read it and feel how I felt about it. But almost all the agents and publishers refused me when some of them tried to lowball.


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Do you think, I would deserve to be low-balled and get rejected by some next agents who cut corners in a town center, begging for publishers to grab a bit of commission and royalties, sitting on a chair, and deciding my hard-earned work?

Do you think they are better than me—the man who spent days and nights searching for a story and drafted it wasting more than three years of his life—to even think that my hard work does not have a place on their fucking list?

No, I reject them!

“They are indeed some money-grabbing pricks.”

– Michael David Rosenberg, Passenger

I read the novel that I narrated, and I felt it and enjoyed it. I believe I deserve to see the story in a movie. It is not because I want anyone else to see it in a movie, but because I want myself to see it in a movie. And I also believe that if you read my novel and see the movie, you will also feel how I felt, though I know from deep down my heart that I did something for someone to enjoy and be satisfied.

Just do what you got to do, and stay the F*** away from judgmental, toxic people, though I suppose, your marathon will end leaving you a healthy person even though you win or lose.

“Find beauty in the struggle.”

– J Cole

Though I did industry research to draft a budgeting proposal and estimated the budget as $20 million to shoot the movie. Would you ever believe it if I say, I have a goal, a mission, and a vision that I am living myself to fund the production of the movie for my Novel?

For me, every penny counts!

Just like you work, I too need to be employed to make money, although the difference between us is that you want to work and make money to drive a fancy car and live in a fancy house—you are desperately in search of an elite lifestyle.

I am out of that mindset because I competed with that ambition, and I see that as boasting, trying to expose that you have more while pressing others. My idea is to work and make money because I want to fund this project … I want to make profits and fund other projects to shelter people—my ambition, so no win or lose.

I am from the I don’t give a F*** clique, so let me tell you this, I grew up listening to Mike Shinoda and Fort Minor as a kid, do you think I would ever go wrong?

No, I will not, believe me, it is a fact.

“Put it together himself, now the picture connects. Never asking for someone’s help, or to get some respect. He’s only focused on what he wrote; his will is beyond reach. And now it all unfolds, the skill of an artist.”

– Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor