From praise to undermining, discover resilience strategies amidst corporate drama for genuine empowerment to navigating workplace dynamics.


About the bitter truth

Run along a pavement contemplating all those thoughts you have in your mind, perhaps early in the morning for your workout session, without listening to your daily playlist, before going to work. You might find it so soothing—too—as I believe since the morning breath, dark and misty way ahead, lamp shades, windy street, peeking moonlight, barking dogs, hissing cats, and the chattering of birds, all just make you one lone wolf, as these stimuli stimulate your deep structures in the central nervous system. The perception that you find is what you notice might be the feeling of a Pleiades alien who left the Orion belt and reached Earth; it is that much free and defused.

Think about that good night’s sleep that you had taken for your exhausted brain of yesterday, and it has almost resisted the delusion that you grasped, fought all that fallacy, all night, to recover and reset to prepare you just as steady as a brisk soldier to take over the day, which holds that all the drama today, for you to be conscious about navigating workplace dynamics.

Reality check …

Step by step, as you run along, you might reach your workout session’s goal when your wristband starts beeping for your heart rate, thus you breathe deeply and start stepping toward your house to prepare yourself for that wonderless day at work, I suppose it is nagging, huh? Of course, it is because the rooted memories, either good or bad, just start to snap into your prefrontal cortex, demanding you to mask up to face all the other masked-up colleagues—who are piling up to reach toward the hierarchy in their serpentine movements—from the self you just found of being a lone wolf and Pleiades alien.

You know yourself that truly you are living in a delusional bubble in which the paycheck of the placenta is offering you the allowance to crawl toward survival. If that is not it, you honestly know that you have nothing more to do at your workplace. Therefore, you also intently find yourself with the perfect rehearsal to act the character that you have been forcefully imposed by this drama of this corporate prophecy where you have been surrounded by sociopaths, racists, narcissists, critics, lunatics, imbeciles, and so on.  “Oh, my paycheck …” That is the thought impulse that constantly starts dashing toward your mind, as soon as you encounter a stimulus of backhand compliment, from your team leader, which has something to do with one of the ideas you have given for the upcoming project.

The Jekyll and Hyde approach

It all starts as it all starts with a cup of tea, first comes the thriving comments, all of the praise, the best you did, and the commitment of your serving to the company, of how much you have been giving to the team, so your eyes start dazzling with the happiness, lips quivering, kind shyness grasps the coldness of your body with the feeling of blush; oh, yes, there comes the flow of chemical synapses, all those amines starts triggering in your brain, the hypothalamus has been love-bombed, though to keep you calm and ready, other acids spray out to the synaptic cleft, searching for the binding synthesis, just like a newborn baby searching for its bubble.

You become the star for the enhancement that your team leader put you through, and when your eyes roll from one person to the other, you can see everyone just looking at you like multiple cameras monitoring you, you can feel how much they are tracking your expressions, movements, emotions, etc.; their claps, laughter, happiness, every simple behavior keeps at you like they allowed you your place—that is the trick. All that happens in a few minutes, so you are flattered now due to navigating workplace dynamics, all you need is a bit of room to breathe from the elephant they made by offering your place, although you are unaware of their place since you did not notice they offered you this place to put you in your place that they already determine for you.

There comes the boom …

Identify the opportunity

In the storm of corporate drama, where compliments cloak spurs and self-interest masquerades as friendship, you might find the contradiction of praise and undermining that can shatter your life balance, either work life or family life, leaving you suspended between elation and deflation within moments.

I would say, the workplace, a stage where egos collide and shadows loom, often reveals the Jekyll and Hyde nature of individuals striving for supremacy i.e.: duality or two sides of a coin.

“Two sides of a coin might reflect you as two sides of the same thing or idea; but not that is, since paradox nature takes over the concept of one side being a side that is different from the other in convention, and it cannot be the same, eventually.”

—Omalka Arachi

Yet, amidst the toxicity, there lies an opportunity for you to grasp the reins of your reactions, to reclaim intervention for your future to thrive, in the face of adversity, navigating workplace dynamics.

Final thoughts from me …

Therefore, responding with resilience, rather than reacting impulsively, might certainly and honestly offer you the script to your stammering speech, upon which you can balance the power of external behaviors of people. It is a call to not possess yourself by the temporary elephant of ego offered to you by anyone, instead recognizing that true empowerment does not reside in momentary superiority and the steadfastness of your authenticity.

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