A Cosmic Prophecy novel

Arbiter: book I

In the twenty-fourth century, when Elysium is established and Mars has been colonized, the world’s destiny twists, as the rise of a dictator brings forth new supremacy through a cyber oracle to conquer the Superstates, annihilating the peace and harmony of people.

Bodhi Turvaśa, a 28 years old young man living in India’s undisputed lands, decides to leave Earth before the beginning of the apocalypse. He yearns to enter Elysium, risking all that he loves the most, for a better life, and dares to venture out, with his fiancé, Anjana Kashyap, and her cousin, Agastya Kashyap, traversing through the prohibited lands, to reach the Exodus Port in Moscow, Soviet State. Little do they know that he carries one of the greatest assets to Elysium’s ‘Acer Rubrum Arc’ until he coincidentally meets Shen Er Shi and Bane Lux amid two encounters that refuel their adventurous quest.

Their mission henceforth tenses while suspense grasps them with its ecstasy, although finding great endurance, in the hand of mere blessing, they seldom felt cynical about their frail status, focusing on seeing the peak of escape, after all.
Despite resistance, does he succeed in delivering himself to the Elysium, with his entourage, or does he fail to accomplish his predestined duty?

The answer lies within ‘Arbiter,’ a cosmic prophecy novel that beckons you to uncover its secrets!

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