To know me …

Omal had a passion for writing since his younger days while he was attending high school. His passion persuaded him to interact with his interest in literature, as he found the beauty in reading the literary novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens for the Ordinary Level’s English Literature class, but he dropped out.

He found misconceptions in his reading and writing, suffering from dyslexia, as he was following up with his literature studies. Therefore, he decided to enroll in Business studies for his Advanced studies rather than electing English Literature for his career. Although he gave up on literature studies, he did not let go of writing poems, short stories, and scripts.

At the age of sixteen, he started writing amateur lyrics for an alternative rap band with his childhood friends. When he was eighteen, he developed his skills in songwriting. Then, he completed a detective Novella called ‘The Danzig Manor,’ with a 20,000 word-count-circa. He however self-studied and researched to learn editing mechanisms and trained to develop story plots with character building. Nowadays, he works as a freelance content creator and editor, concentrating on completing his Postgraduate studies with a non-fiction book to progress into a Ph.D. while working on fiction writing to keep up with his profile.

Seeking opportunities to enter the entertainment and media industry, Omal wants to hone his academic and creative writing skills, pursuing new depths of ideas to thrive as a fiction writer and a scriptwriter with the weapon of a pen.