The books I published …


Arbiter (Book I)

Sci-fi/Futuristic Novel

Before the beginning of the apocalypse, when a dictator threatens the world by conquering the Superstates using a cyber oracle, a hidden story unfolds. Little does Bodhi know that he carries a part of the Acer Rubrum Arc of Elysium until he meets Bane at the end of an adventurous journey with Agastya, Anjana, Shen, and Bane.

*Independently published with Amazon KDP | ©2023


You Found Me

Contemporary Romance

People often do not fall in love if they meet in the circumstances in which Nathan and Hannah meet—it is like the sky and the ground cannot be together. But because of many bizarre coincidences, they fall for each other while he is lost in the search for a new life to defeat his grim fate.

*Independently published with Amazon KDP | ©2022


The Danzig Manor

Detective Story

Davis and Scott commit to solving mysteries, and yet they never encounter a conniving murder like Danzig’s, as they proceed with the investigation at the Danzig manor; however, they capture the brutal murderer, after thoroughly interrogating the people who live in the manor house.

*Independently published with Amazon KDP | ©2022

Other publications of Omal:


Periodical publishing (Concept)

A startup-level magazine, which forms to highlight key areas of global facts to hone reader knowledge (IQ knowledge); its main aim and goal are to transform a person into a reading aficionado.

*Independently published as an experiment | ©2021


Periodical publishing (Concept)

With a mission to establish a platform for freelance writers to publish their articles, iWrite Magazine created an everlasting concept that has academic value as well as a discernment of motivation.

*Independently published as an experiment | ©2021

Other concepts of Omal:

Periodical publishing (Concept)

“Sapphire Ceylon” is an exciting new magazine concept aimed at showcasing the vibrant beauty of Sri Lanka’s tourism and gem industry. As the editor, I am thrilled to demonstrate this initiative, dedicated to promoting the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and world-renowned gemstones that define the essence of Sri Lanka. Our magazine will offer readers a captivating journey through the island’s hidden treasures, from stunning beaches to ancient temples, while also delving into the fascinating artistry and craftsmanship of its gem trade.

I am eager to collaborate with partners and sponsors who share my vision of celebrating Sri Lanka’s unique charm and fostering growth in its tourism and gem sectors. Through strategic partnerships, I aim to amplify our reach and impact, ensuring that “Sapphire Ceylon” becomes a premier identity for those seeking inspiration, insight, and adventure in this enchanting island paradise. I believe this exhilarating will uncover the allure of Sri Lanka, one page at a time.

*Independently published as an experiment | ©2024

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