A few services …

Content writing:

Experienced in creating SEO-friendly content across various subjects, presenting a flair for language and attention to detail. Capable of connecting with audiences using adaptable writing styles, consistently meeting client objectives with creativity and accuracy.


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  • Content writing and Copyediting: blogs of any sort or article writing and editing according to SEO and SMM guidelines and requirements.
  • Copywriting and Ghostwriting (for prestigious brands)
  • Academic writing and Copyediting: paraphrasing with Harvard Ref. style.
  • Fiction writing: short stories or novellas for online publication.


Thorough marketing research for organizations, and writing proposals including branding strategies and other feedback.

  • Marketing research for strategy creation.
  • Analyzing reviews or website data to collect and organize information.
  • Benchmarking: researching competitors for strategic insights.
  • Using marketing tools to understand current and new customer bases.
  • Evaluating marketing campaign results to improve performance (e.g.: revenue, reach, engagement), and form new campaigns.

Transformative Coaching:

Concentrated on tailored strategies and relentless support, with a deeper vision to guide clients on a journey of personal and professional growth, aiming to develop holistic success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

  • Leadership development (fixing fatal flaws)
  • Career fulfillment (elevation to a higher stature)
  • Relationship (to find the sweet spot)
  • Health and well-being (against drug abuse)

*payments are negotiable, depending on the project